Youths made Spånga-Tensta come to life in Storyspot

Young people in Spånga- Tensta has made the surroundings of their hometown come to life through interviews with local personalities in the Storyspot App.

The city district of Spånga- Tensta has organized "Summer in the city" during the Summer of 2018, where Tensta, Spånga, Hjulsta and Bromsten have had stations where holiday-working young people together with supervisors arranged activities for children and young people in the area. One of the activities has been to record storyspots, ie audio stories about different sites, which serve as a guide to the area.

Among other things, they have interviewed Hana from Tensta, who explains why the Enbacka School is an important place in her life, the Field Assistant Charles, who shares the story of his way from the upbringing in Gothenburg to where he is today, as well as Jasmin who tell us about her views and thoughts about the suburb .

These common people who inhabit the neighborhoods give life to the areas through their stories, allowing residents and visitors to get to know Spånga-Tensta on a deeper level - not just it´s history, but also by some of the people who live and work there.

"Working with Storyspot together with these youths has been both challenging and fun! I am incredibly proud of the interesting interviews they have done and the voices they have shared. Now I hope the App will come to life in the area so more people can share their stories, " says Amira Wiander, Project Manager, Spånga Tensta.