Stories from Säffle now in Storyspot

Stories from Säffle are now available to listen to in the Storyspot app. Only in swedish for now.

Listen to the audio stories in Storyspot by downloading the app for free where apps are available. Search for the places on the map or type "Säffle" in the Search box. Listen at home or take a walk where the works of art stand or the stories take place.

Then you can listen to:

The battle for the Säffle Canal
Already in the time of the Vikings, the waterways past Säffle were used, but it was not until the beginning of the 19th century that the idea of ​​building a canal appeared and a few decades later the city was invaded by hundreds of soldiers who would carry out the work. But how did the canal really affect the people of Säffle?

Holger's patisserie became known throughout Sweden
Here in Holger's premises, there has been a patisserie for well over a hundred years. But did you know that Holger, who gave the patisserie its name - also created a statue that became known far beyond Säffle's borders?

The smuggler drama at Wiksfors Bruk
Today, Wiksfors mill is a cozy place that brings together creative entrepreneurs, tourists and residents who are hungry for genuine crafts or coffee. But did you know that there has been activity here since the 17th century, and that the mill also - during the first years of the nineties - played the main role in a smuggling drama of epic proportions?

Storyspots are already available in several parts of Värmland, including Kristinehamn, Forshaga, Munkfors and Filipstad.

At present, there are thousands of story spots to listen to around Sweden, and in the rest of the world.