Wanted: storyspots between Gothenburg and Stockholm

StorySpot are participating in SJ's initiative focusing on innovative travel and are therefor searching for storyspots between Gothenburg - Stockholm.

On March 28, StorySpot will participate in SJ´s initiative focusing on innovative travel, Epitrain, running between Gothenburg and Stockholm where we will present StorySpot as one of the exciting new features of the future of travel. We want that all that are traveling by the train to be able to listen to storyspots linked to the sites along the train route. If you have a story in that area - now is the time to share it on StorySpot!

Perfect length for a storyspot is 5-10 minutes and it can be a life story, something historical, a cultural event or even a myth or, as long as it is connected to the location. Think about it as a stop on a guided tour. Record it with the voice memo function on your phone and upload it on our website.