Linda Segtnan - the voice that makes you shudder

Linda Segtnan is a historian and the voice behind our most popular story spots. She does research, writes, and reads scary stories with a historical background from places around Sweden. We took the opportunity to ask her some questions.

Why is history important?

- It gives a greater understanding of people and how they work. Knowing how a particular group has been treated historically, or how ideals have fluctuated, adds a valuable dimension to how we view things today. It simply does not turn as black and white.

- Then I also think it is valuable for people to feel a connection to their place and to their roots. It gives a sense of belonging.

Which ones are your favorites of all the story spots you have created?

- The ones I remember best are the ones I did for Öckerö county. They are different from the others because the environment is so special. Even though I have never been there, I saw it so clearly in front of me - the barren islands, deserted beaches, cairns over drowned, the hard life people have lived there... I could almost feel the woolen clothes wet from salt water, the cold from the rocks, hear the waves and the wind howling through the cabins while I wrote.

And what kind of stories would you like to hear more of?

- Honestly, I am especially weak for my own major ghost stories and want more of them - not just from me, preferably from people with a personal connection to the places! Bring the iphone microphone and head to your local haunted house, it does not have to be harder than that!

Who: Linda Segtnan
Age: 34
Family: Husband (and producer) Justus Björk, children Sam (5) and Vivianne (8 months)
Occupation: Historian
Doing at Storyspot: City walks with historical connection, often for children and young people. On the theme: scary.