Learn more about Södertälje with Storyspot App

Today, a whole new way to experience Södertälje is launched. Thanks to Storyspot you can now be guided around Södertälje and listen to the exciting history of the city.

"We want to highlight Södertälje's history in a different way," says Aljoša Lagumdžija at Södertäljebyrån. There is so much in Södertälje for both citizens and tourists, the city is formed a lot by its history. If you know it´s history then you understand why it looks like it does today.

Today, a Swedish version of 35 storyspots is being published, which makes a stop at different times in history in central Södertälje. The listener learns more about the traces of the earlier history of the eighth century until the renewal of the infrastructure today.

This spring audio files are produced in English, Arabic and Finnish, which are expected to be ready for the summer. Read more about the cooperation in Södertälje municipality's press release here.

About our cooperation i Länstidningen: Var med och skriv Södertäljes historia med ny mobilapp

And on radio. Aljoša Lagumdžija from Södertäljebyrån tells about our cooperation at 1.36 in the clip: http://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt/1024068?programid=3891