Fjärdhundraland creates new bike trail with audioguide in Storyspot

At the end of June, the Trail of Fjärdhundraland, a bicycle route on winding roads, was opened. It has also been nine storyspots produced for the curious travellers to listen to.

In Fjärdhundraland, there are winding little roads between cafes and farms while the runes and medieval churches edges the road. Here you can take a break from everyday life and experience the countryside near you.

The Trail of Fjärdhundraland is a new cycle route through the heart of the area. The first part, 38 km, runs between Fjärdhundra and Örsundsbro, on beautiful roads with good opportunities for breaks for a snack, or a swim. For the curious visitors, the Fjärdhundralands Economic Association has produced nine storyspots to listen to, so cyclists can learn more about the area on their the way.

On late June 2018 the Governor of Uppsala Göran Enander and the City Council Helena Proos participated in the opeing ceremony for The Trail of Fjärdhundraland, both of whom had travelled by bike to the newly opened Landsberga farm. They listened to one of the nine storyspots and cut the rope to declere the bike tour open.

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