"Do not wait for someone else to record the stories"

Thorbjörn Enberg and Iris Andersson have recorded over 100 storyspots about houses and families in Harads, Norrbotten.

Thorbjörn Enberg has been interested in the history of his hometown for a long time. All his life he had known Iris Andersson, now 90 years old, who with her unique memory and storytelling ability used to share stories about neighbours from time to time. Two years ago, Thorbjörn convinced her to follow him in the car, and recorded all her stories.

- We have no present or future if we do not know our history and past. Everything is connected, says Thorbjörn and continues:

- We drove around for four days and stopped for recordings. The first 20 with camcorder. But it went badly due to disturbing side noise, and other things. I started again with simple voice memos in my cell phone. Another challenge was to bring Iris due to all her daily routines, since she was 88 years old then. Also to get her to concentrate on the house and the family we were recording the story about. I thought for a long time I should try to edit out my questions and comments, but now it's the way it is. Originally recorded.

What was the most fun?
- To get to know all the unfamiliar happenings she told me about, even though I grew up and lived almost my whole life in Harads.

What is your tip to others who also want the stories about their communities to be preserved and spread?
- It is important to strike while the iron is hot. That is, if you discover a story someone is carrying, do not hesitate to record it appropriately. Do not expect that a more talented person will record it. You will learn how to do it when you engage in the matter. The Harad stories are not technically perfect, they are not complete, but they are recorded with a big heart.