Alfta uses Storyspot for their Culture Trail

When Alfta "Hembygdsförening" started to make a Culture Trail they wanted to supplement the text signs with the ability to listen. They chose to use Storyspot as a digital solution for audio stories.

When Alfta "Hembygdsförening" started to make a Culture Trail through the village with signs telling local history, they wanted to supplement the signs with the ability to listen instead of just reading. Therefore, they chose Storyspot as a digital solution for audio stories that complement the signs.

Alfta Culture Trail is a collaboration between Ovanåkers municipality and Alfta "Hembygdsförening", the municipality has contributed funding and the "Hembygdsförening" has been responsible for the work. It consists of a 3 kilometer long walk where visitors can get to know local history. 45 signs tells the storys of old buildings, some of them standing where the building was earlier, others telling about houses that are left in a changed state.

By recording readings of the texts and adding them to the Storyspot app, Alfta's Culture Trail became available also for those who want to listen to the signs on the spot or listen to them from home. Hembygdsföreningen chose to record their own storyspots themselves and upload them to the Storyspot Platform. They are now availible to share in social media and anyone who likes the Culture Trail can show it to relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Jan-Olov Eriksson from Alfta Hembygdsförening tells us that the Culture Trail has become very popular:
"The Culture Trail has been a success. People often come to me and want to talk about it.

We at Storyspot are very happy that Alfta Hembygdsförening and Ovanåkers Municipality chose Storyspot to spread their cultural heritage and look forward to more collaborations with hometown associations. Storyspot is happy to develop new features for them and their visitors.
"The idea of ​​Storyspot is to bring people closer together by telling stories about places. The inhabitants of a city get easier to talk to each other if they share the same knowledge of local history, it creates a sense of value of the places and a willingness to take care of our surroundings and each other, "says Lisa Evertsson Norrevik, CEO and founder of Storyspot.