When we find out more about our surroundings, their history and the people living there, we take better care of both the world and each other. Storyspot is a digital service for sharing podcasts and audio stories about places. Sports events, culture, history, architecture, visions and personal experiences all come together in Storyspot App - Creating a multitude of stories for our listeners.

It is completely free to use Storyspot's technical platform. Both to download the app and to listen, record and manage audio clips at The app and web page are very simple and intuitive to use.

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Examples & Testimonials

The project “Vilnius talking statues”, founded by "MO Museum" in Lithuania uses the Storyspot platform. It is an interesting project of 33 stories in 5 different languages about statues located in Vilnius and told by famous Lithuanians.

Sandviken used Storyspot to meet the increasing demand of tourists. Be inspired by their innovative way of sharing the story of local poet Stig Sjödin. Read about it here.

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