Interview with Isabelle Wallin

Tell me a little about yourself, who are you?
- I am a happy Stockholmer, a world citizen and a restless soul.

What interests do you have?
- To travel of course! When I do not travel, I hang out with friends and family, eat good food and
enjoy life the best I can.

If you would describe yourself with three words, which would it be?
- Happy, curious, caring.

You love to travel, what is it about it that attracts you?
- I love to discover new cultures! And to see new places. I also have a love for food and I’m always
testing new dishes when I´m abroad.

What are you doing this summer?
- This summer I plan a spontaneous trip as well as a classic Swedish trip to Palma. Otherwise, I will be home in Gothenburg and work or just relax with friends in Slottsskogen.

What is your favorite place in the whole world?
- Near the sea. I love water! I lived in Brighton for half a year, that little town by the sea meant a lot to me.

What inspires you to create content in social channels?
- My creativity! The feeling of wanting to share exciting events and places. And my passion for

How was it for you to record your first Storyspot?
- A little odd, because I´m not used to the podcast media. But it just got easier and more fun the
more I tested it!

And finally, what place would you like to know more about?
- I´m very curious about Mauritius, where my mother and her family grew up. I´ve only been there
when I was 4 years old, but I have heard so much about this little island, so I really want to go there
again and experience it in older age!

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