Interview with Tina Axelsson, storyspotter

Tina Axelsson is one of our talented storyspotters. She is storyspotting under her name Tina Axelsson, where she mainly gives tips about fun and great things to do when travelling to different places in the world. On her website she also tips about different destinations and shares her own adventures. We have now been honored to interview Tina and get to know her a little better.

Tell me a little about yourself, who are you?
- My name is Tina and I am a communicator at a theater, travel writer at and artist under my alias #artbytina. I travel as often as I can, through the job, with myself, with my boyfriend, with friends or in groups. I have blogged since 2007 but decided about a year ago to just focus on travel - personal travel stories and tips from exciting places around the world.

What interests do you have?
- Travel around the world as often as I can, create art in my studio and I love to go to festivals!

If you would describe yourself with three words, which would it be?
- Happy, a doer and creative.

You love to travel, what's the journey that attracts you?
- To see new places, meet new people and experience other cultures. And try traditional food.

What are you doing this summer?
- I start with a week at Sweden Rock (like every year!), Late midsummer celebrations in Dalarna, a little camping in Sweden followed by the reggae festival Öland Roots. After that we will pack the car and plan to drive just over 700 miles in my Toyota Yaris, along the west coast down Portugal, for about 3 weeks.

What is your favorite place to be on?
- Hard question! I'm actually unsure if I have a favorite place, all the new places that I visit feels like new gold grains. But my favorite feeling is when you get out of the plane and meet a new country or new city. However, I have two places that have an extra place in my travel heart, British Brighton and paradise island Caye Caulker outside Belize.

What do you do when you create content in your social channels?
- It's incredibly fun to have the opportunity to share the world with my family, friends and other happy people who choose to follow my channels. It's like sending postcards from all corners of the world. Extra fun is when you can actually help others with tips on hotels, public transport, restaurants and more. I often get mail from people who seek tips of different kinds and I engage myself a lot in different travel groups on Facebook.

How was it for you to record your first Storyspot?
- Supernatural, always a little scary to hear your own voice. In addition, I recorded it live completely without script so it became a little ... unplanned. But next time I'm going to plan the layout a bit better so I'll get along with everything I want to convey to the site.

And finally, what place would you like to know more about?
- Madagascar - which is currently on top of my bucket list!

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