Storyspot was founded next to a full-time job at the kitchen table at home. The dream was to change the world for the better whilehaving fun and experience adventures. As the company grows, it is important for us to keep that hunger and vision. We don´t want Storyspot to become a regular nine to five job where employees count down the hours to the weekend.

We believe that work can be combined with family life, leisure and recovery. Or by the way, we not only think it's possible. We KNOW that we have to combine both leisure, family and recovery in order to have a sustainable working life. Therefore, we think it's more important WHAT you do then when and where you do it.

We believe in playfulness, creativity and testing, fast processes and own initiatives. We want to work with people driven by development, and are more interested in where you are heading than where you have been before. How can you help us achieve our goals and how can we help you reach yours? Just like we think the most exciting thing about Storyspot is the great mix of stories, we understand the importance of diversity in a workgroup.

There are already so many 25 year old boys who have created companies in garages or cellars, and startups with pinball and ping-pong tables that the world does not need yet another. On the other hand, we think it needs to see that people with ideas and motivation from all kind of backgrounds, in all sexes, colors, shapes and ages. We want to show that limits are for breaking, glass roofs made to be broken and "it's impossible" just means there's a new world to discover, where nobody has been yet.

Would you like to discover it with us?